Yoga in the Greek Island of Lesbos May 2020

If Yoga is your passion, Ruth White offers yoga teacher training courses to give you the skills to teach in the knowledge of working with very experienced nationally, and internationally recognised tutors.

Teacher Training

Yoga Classes

Ruth White holds three regular weekly classes in the Cotswolds on a drop in or termly basis, all levels of ability are welcome and catered for. 


These are usually held in quiet country houses with sea or country views. They are carefully chosen for their ambiance which is conducive to yoga. 

Ruth White Yoga Teaching

The Teaching Cause has been running for 40 years. It is based on Advaita, which means non duality, and heeds Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga including pranayama and meditation.  During an international career Ruth has trained over 1000 teachers, written regularly for magazines and journals, appeared on radio and television and made yoga DVDs.

Through the practice of asanas or postures, we bring back our natural state of balance and harmony. By working in a quiet and attentive way, keeping full attention on the asana we are in, the mind has a chance to fall quiet. This way of working allows us to come back into the present moment, and not to dwell on the past or future. Working in the present moment helps to bring mind, body and breath into synchronization.

Students comment on how much more relaxed they feel. All abilities and methods are welcome to work with us in yoga. The teaching aims to take the student past the usual point where they would stop, i.e. past their usual limitations.  The trainee Teachers are personally trained and taught hands-on corrections and how to adjust to the ever changing needs of the students. The classes are caring and the teaching precise and quiet.

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