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Classes 2024

New Beaconsfield Hall, Shipton-Under-Wychwood, OX7 6BQ

Tuesday 7.00pm - 8.15pm - Suitable for beginners 

Wednesday 9.45am - 11.15am - For more advanced and TT 

Summer 2024 term dates


A Different Day in Yoga, Beaconsfield Hall, Shipton under Wychwood, OX7 5BQ

Our next Day in Yoga is on Wednesday 10th July 9.45am - 3pm

We hold these once a month at Beaconsfield Hall, Shipton-under-Wychwood, OX7 5BQ

Take a further step into the peace and quiet of the mind through the practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation.

Let’s work on our weaknesses to see that the so-called problems can be our gifts. 

Please bring a lunch with you.

Please let us know if you'd like to come along! 

To book please email


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Check out Ruth's recent interview on the J.Brown Yoga Talks Podcast here


Ruth's interview on the Yoga Laurent Podcast

To get a better understanding of Ruth's experiences with Iyengar please listen to this podcast interview click HERE

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If Yoga is your passion, Ruth White offers yoga teacher training courses She teaches nationally and internationally and is experienced and qualified to give you the skills you will need.

Two people practicing yoga

Teacher Training

Yoga Classes

Yoga for all ages

Ruth White holds three regular weekly classes in the Cotswolds on a drop in or termly basis, all levels of ability are welcome and catered for. 


These are usually held in quiet country houses with sea or country views. They are carefully chosen for their ambience which is conducive to yoga. Currently in British Isles, Europe and India.

Quotes from some happy yogis who have attended Ruth White residentials or weekly classes

"Just to say ‘thank you’ for this morning’s session. It was wonderful. Just what I needed. I have so much to thank you for down the years….. truly grateful for keeping me ‘on track’." Sue

"I'm already looking forward to your next workshop. It was so valuable to be with you, it refreshed so many things, mostly presence which you transmit so purely. I was thinking about your question: where would we be without yoga? I can't even conceive of it. I think we'd be looking for yoga!" Amber

"I love reading your newsletters and following you from afar (now living in Vancouver). Great to see you’re still teaching and providing some wonderful classes and retreats.

Sadly my yoga practice has fallen by the way side and I dearly miss it. The classes I have tried never matched the feeling that you create...I would love to return to regular yoga and your zoom classes caught my eye." Pam

"My wife said to me the other day “I love yoga because Ruth is so lovely and kind”" Alan


"It has been so nurturing to be in the classes with you and Karuna. It has transported me back years and also made the present even more wonderful. Thank you so very much." Claire

"Really enjoyed the class tonight. Has been a very busy & tiring few days with the babies – your class was just what I needed. Thank you, I’m finding it really helps me in lots of ways." Meg

"You have been a massive inspiration in my teaching career over the last 25 years and I still quote you to this day from things you used to tell us during our teacher training". Shakti Kali Kaloczi

"Thank you for the wonderful practice and for Ruth's pranayama. I just love listening to Ruth explaining about the body. I  was left feeling energised in body and calm in mind" Marina 

"We both love to come to your events whenever we can and have been doing so for many years.  Especially in these sometimes troubled times and as I get older I really feel the need not only for the physical asanas in yoga and your skill in teaching them, which is second to none, but also the spiritual guidance and the camaraderie of fellow students and of the qualified teachers.  I feel that Roy and I are very lucky to have the opportunity to have a share in your retreats.  We always feel uplifted and refreshed after attending your yoga events and look forward to the next one.  We carry the memory of what we have done and heard and discussed and it is most sustaining always. Vivienne and Roy

"I have enjoyed my teacher training with Ruth White - currently now at the end of Module 5 (out of 6). Working with her has taught me as much about myself as about yoga. I can now put together a balanced practice for my classes. Additionally, I can adjust other people with confidence and know which postures are safe/unsafe for people with different circumstances (for example, pregnancy, or who have hip problems, etc.) It has also been an invaluable, and a wonderful experience, to work with other trainees. The camaraderie and support given by the group gives you a sense of stability and companionship, sharing our experiences and tips. I have much peace in my training, and always find the teacher training sessions inspiring - and her yoga sessions leave me in a positive place. I recommend Ruth if you want to learn thoroughly and be able to teach with confidence and conviction."  Nicola

"I recently experienced a private yoga session with Ruth and it was absolutely wonderful. We started on her back arch and it made everything else feel so much easier. She assessed my posture and noticed my long neck, giving me exercises and stretches which were specific to my needs. She also gave me some great new sleeping positions to try! If you can, it really is worth treating yourself, her knowledge of yoga and the body is second to none! "  Suzanne

Just back from Two Days of Yoga with Ruth at The Fire College Moreton in Marsh. A lovely weekend. And so good to connect again with Ruth,John, greet old friends and make new connections.  Although I live quite a distance away, my purpose is to join Ruth on as many yoga weekends/retreats as possible. I have a double curvature of the spine which has been greatly improved by the daily use of the Ruth White back arch and by stretching correctly. Ruth has great wisdom and experience. Her calm yet firm method of teaching, her spiritual talks and heartfulness leave me better off physically spiritually and emotionally. I will be joining her class again in July and have already booked a place at Hawkwood in September."  Caroline

"I’ve been attending Ruth’s yoga classes and residentials for over ten years and recently went to her fantastic weekend retreat in Moreton-in-Marsh. Ruth has the ability to quieten the mind and help create space between thoughts, whilst literally stretching you to your maximum and waking up the body. All of which help make you more ‘present’ and ‘at one’. She is undoubtedly one of the wisest yoga teachers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting! Her approach is very nurturing and she genuinely cares for her students and their yoga practice, I could not recommend her enough!Shireen

Ruth White Yoga Teaching

The Teaching Course has been running for 40 years. It is based on Advaita, which means non duality, and heeds Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga including pranayama and meditation.  During an international career Ruth has trained over 1000 teachers, written regularly for magazines and journals, appeared on radio and television and made yoga DVDs.

Through the practice of asanas or postures, we bring back our natural state of balance and harmony. By working in a quiet and attentive way, keeping full attention on the asana we are in, the mind has a chance to fall quiet. This way of working allows us to come back into the present moment, and not to dwell on the past or future. Working in the present moment synchronises mind, body and breathing.

Students comment on how much more relaxed they feel.  All abilities and methods are welcome to work with us in yoga. The teaching aims to widen horizons by taking the student past the usual point where they would stop i.e. past their usual limitations.  The trainee Teachers are personally trained and taught hands-on corrections and how to adjust to the ever changing needs of the students. The classes are caring and the teaching precise and quiet.

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