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Amber Thorne

Amber is a Biophoton Light Therapist and teaches Advaita Meditation


The Biophoton light therapy entails releasing stress from the body through gentle light frequencies using the Biophoton device. It removes energy blocks and lets the energy move more evenly and easily. Biophoton Light Therapy has shown positive results in all levels of the mind, emotions, physical health, and chakras. Animals and people of all ages can greatly benefit from this unique non-invasive therapy. It restores balance and harmony to the body, and allows stress to effortlessly release, activating its own mechanisms of self-regulation and healing. 

She worked for 15 years in the Police Service and assisted people experiencing pain in the most vulnerable situations of their life. The experience gave her a thorough grounding in communication skills, understanding people’s behaviour, and the importance of people feeling safe and having trust. 

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