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Newsletter - November 2020

Dear One,

As the seasons change, our energies change, in the summer our energy moves up your front and rolls over your shoulders and down your back. As Autumn turns to Winter, they reverse. Some folk can feel this change it is usually about equinox time 21st September. You might sleep a little longer or be less inclined to step out. After the hustle and bustle of Autumn, energies appear to reduce and you could get a bit stressed about “not doing”. We are creatures of nature and its good to go with it, not to hibernate exactly, just accept.

Last Wednesday went well, and, well done Diana on gaining your 6 module TT certificate. You practiced well the hands on corrections. Everyone gets feedback after their final assessment, some pass and some pass with conditions where suggestions are made to practice on specifics. Some students are attracted to the teacher training course to further their yoga and do not intent to teach, this is fine, you all have the desire to go beyond the physical and to be happy and peaceful in mind.

To do this we first need to wake up, we cannot move straight into a Sattvic - balance quiet state, from Tamas - sleepy state, we first need to pass through Ragas - active wakeful state. The balance of these 3 Gunas is not always the same, the proportions can change; at different times and in different bodies. Its good to be aware that Satva is always present and that you can tune into it if you choose to.

We have been lent a wonderful tool, the body, its always in the present and is always told what to do by the mind, it can do nothing on its own.

As the body can do nothing without the permission of the mind we can understand why yoga is about mind training.

Its willpower yoga!

Its not what you think, you are what you think.

What you believe you can do – you can do and vice versa.

“I can’t” thoughts are definitely not a good idea.

To wake up

Working on this body to wake up the Tamasic - stiff area, slowing and quietening down the Ragasic – over active areas, and when the body comes back into balance and harmony, a state of yoga or Satva prevails. (You may feel it in savasana).

It’s all mind stuff and you can rise above Tamas and Ragas, for instance if your class appears rather tired and heavy you might take standings faster or a handstand this would bring the energies forward.

This may all sounds a bit theoretical but in practice when you wake up to the fact that you are feeling over active or unable to jump into action, as soon as you are aware of your state you can chose to rise above it.

Be free, and delight in your sattvic states

The next long Wednesday is on the 25th November when I hope to bring Sam (the life size Skeleton along). He is over 30 years old now and some limbs have become disconnected, but he is in hospital, with the chippy who is re-wiring him. I was told it was illegal to sit him on the passenger seat as it made other drivers drive into things, so he is in a coffin now in the boot!

The first weekend is 27th & 28th February 2021 at the Beaconsfield Hall, all days and retreats are on the website

Love to you

Ruth x


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