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Dear Ones

It’s a natural progression to pass on to others that which you love and value. The joy of yoga just bubbles up and you want to share your joy.

It’s a privilege to teach.

As I mentioned in my last newsletter your needs are changing. There is a general restlessness rush and lack of quiet attention, this leads to anxiety and stress, stress that is all in the ego mind, the fear world.

I strongly feel we need to practise one pointed attention – meditation and pranayama. These are powerful counteracting ways of going further into the stillness of the mind. Underneath all this activity and rush there is an ocean of stillness waiting for you to jump in.

About the 6th assessment written paper, this should not be a block.

I want you to gain your certificate if I make it more practical (right brain) and we have a verbal assessment – would you feel freer.

A friendly practical group of our TT’s and an assessor.

For instance, question: Drop back into your quiet mind, experience it, and say what you feel (not think).

Or you could be asked:

“Where do you take your attention when you find that your mind is restless?”

This brings it all into the present and out of the intellect – the head.

Be spontaneous, no thinking! Whatever you say is fine, it’s your experience, it’s never wrong.

Come back to the peace and quiet of the right mind, the love world.

We are given there wonderful 8 limbs of yoga to do just that.

When teaching you can use the words extend, stretch, lengthen, rather than go down.

Parsvakonasana: Breathe in, extent to the right, keeping the hips down (90° at the knee) hand on a block or floor behind your bent knee.

Adjustment: one hand on upper thigh of forward leg, the other on upper hip rolling it back, your knee supporting forward buttock. Later on student’s exhalation, rotate shoulder girdle.

For your yoga days, please enrol for the first 3; 26th April, 14th June & 5th July. That’s £96 for students that have paid for the Wednesday morning class or £165 for the 3 full days. 9.15am (start for teachers) - 3pm.

It’s important you attend every one, however if you miss a day, we can send you a recording so that you don’t miss any of the course.

I am endeavouring to introduce:

• A video introduction to anatomy for practitioners and teachers - shown in the 2nd half of the lunch hour. Voluntary for non-TT’s and those who are qualified in anatomy.

• A practical talk on natural nutrition.

• CPR session designed for yogis.

• A practical talk on acupuncture/they work on the meridians like we do.

Do enjoy your course – there is so much wonderful magic in it I want to share with you.

Time together is very precious, so see you at 9.30 next Wednesday for adjustments or 9.15 for your back arching first.

Breathe well,

Love Ruth


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