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Newsletter - March

Dear One,

With your good company and help this 4th -6th March weekend has been the most successful.

Your presence created a most loving atmosphere, for Narain to talk with us; his answers to our questions were simple, clear and direct, no wasted words.

When I asked students which of his comments they found most helpful, Melissa a TT student quoted “why do you fight with the past”.

When I asked Narain “is the answer to any problem – to come back into the present?”, his answer was “yes”.

It’s so simple and yet we forget to come into the light of now.

Children don’t comprehend tomorrow or yesterday. Their play is aimless and carefree, in the now. If you say “later” to toddlers or “in a moment” or “not now” it means “no” to them, they don’t know about later – its present tense only for them.

They are quite right there is only now – it’s all we have!

Come out of the imagined problems, they are all in the past.

Acceptance of what is, is the way.

The videos will be available if you like, Narains Sunday morning will be an audio only. For those that attended £30 charge, others its £50. Please stipulate for Saturday if you want the audio or video and I will send you the links.

My bank details are:

Mrs Ruth White



The next yoga day is on 30th March, we will be showing a 15 minute video about the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Showing how we can choose between the egomind and the present rightmind. Its given by a brain specialist when she witnessed and experienced herself having a stroke in the left hemisphere.

I found it fascinating and informative. I am sure you will too. For those that are full time working see if you can get this special day off.

In the love of yoga


p.s With proceeds from the weekend of 4th – 6th March, we have donated £1000 to the British Red Cross DEC Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal and Narain has been sent £1000 too.


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