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Hello dear friend,

The greatest present you can give one is to give them your full attention; your presence. It is all anyone wants, from babies to older ones. But to give full attention you need to be present yourself and that is what we are working on in yoga. Waking up the body and thus the mind. It works both ways for the recipient and the giver. It’s a joyful communication in lifting both.

We could spend a lot of time adjusting the scene to suit us: wishing things were a little different – especially with your nearest and dearest!

The turkey is overcooked.

There is not enough...

I’m too cold.

I wish he would not keep saying that.

It’s an enormous waste of energy! All is just as it should be (even that “heavy metal din” next door).

“Nothing is good nor bad but thinking makes it so.”

To be able to accept things just as they are, brings peace and joy to the mind.

To my distant students – please mark in your diary Aura Soma, 11th-15th May. It’s such a magical place as some of you will remember when we frequently visited through the eighties and nineties. Please click for programmes and secrets.

The course is filling up already.

Don’t miss out on the early bird offer.

Long Wednesday 9.45am – 3pm will continue through next year.

Last classes next week.

Please join us at the Wychwood Inn after class on the Tuesday 6th December. Also, on Wednesday 7th December after the morning class. All are warmly welcome.

Classes restart on 4th/5th/6th of January.

All is well.

With love, peace, and happiness now,



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