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Newsletter - April 2022

Hello dear ones,

Spring has sprung and energies are changing not just in the vegetation but in the animal and human kingdom.

This lovely rising creative energy can, create more thoughts, desires and brain waves.

It is this mind stuff that makes us tired. There is nothing wrong with thoughts but stay in the light of the present out of the darkness of the past. Thoughts don’t exist in the present moment.

It’s wonderful to have lots of energy, but its even better to channel it, as we do in our practice.

Be still, give attention to what is here and now and your thinking will magically dissolve away.

Suggested Practice over the 2 week break – term starts again on w/c 25th April

Twists are helpful to assist the body to spring clean/detox.

All inverted postures are helpful in the bodies eliminating processes

For those with delicate lumbers remember the mula bandha in your forward bends and fold from the hips (the top of the legs).

Students not practicing head or shoulder balance please practice:

Prasarita Padoltasana page 81 in “Light on Yoga” Adhomukha svanasana page 110 in “Light on Yoga”

Please look up, read, absorb & practice Iyengar’s beautifully worded instructions for these postures.

Do continue reading “Presence” and your set books.

After Narain’s day on 27th April you might want to read his book “Chit Happens” – it’s a compilation of questions and answers from his talks and our Maharishi’s.


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