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Zoom Classes

It’s important when we are locked up for 4 weeks to stay in touch.

Your weekly classes will continue, taking last week’s Zoom classes was a pleasure, I could see you and give corrections.

Your commitment was still there and I could feel your presence in the stillness.

It’s a great pleasure for me to be in touch with old friends, they are now spread all over the place – Dubai, Kefalonia, Egypt, Tokyo, Perth Western Australia and USA and of course in Surrey and London. It’s good to know they are faithful to their practices.

Although I would rather teach live classes, teaching via the internet does enable me to see you again, which Is delightful and sometimes emotional. Dear Claire from classes at Colet House in Hammersmith cried when she saw John and I sitting there on a Saturday morning. These are the times of the classes on Zoom.

Monday 7.30pm – 9pm

With John White, is suitable for all levels, particularly beginners.

Tuesday 7.30pm for 1 hour

Easy yoga for beginners – You are never too stiff for yoga!

Wednesday 9.45am – 11.15am plus 15 minutes meditation and philosophy

With Ruth White - Stronger class with two timings – suitable for teachers training and all levels.

Saturday 9am – 11am with Karuna White

Karuna White takes Asana class – it’s a strong class with two timings, suitable for all levels.

At 10.15 Ruth takes pranayama, meditation and talk.

Distant Students

If your time difference makes these timing unfeasible, I can record the class of your choice and send you the link. But I won’t be able to see you and correct!

First class free – let me know if you would like the link

Even after 55 years of practice I still feel the magic of yoga, it overwhelms me after svansana.

Enjoy the luxury and profound stillness of svanasana.

Letting go tensions of past actions brings relaxation to your body and allows your body to come back into the present.

Letting go of thoughts brings your mind back into the present.

In the present there is all the energy you need and all the time in the world.

In your practice pay complete attention to the body and the past will slip away.

I had a challenge this week as I had to give up our holiday let as we had not had a booking for the last 6 months. Everything I had collected over the last 13 years had to go. I wanted to hold onto some “special” things – but had no need or room for them.

You know what! I feel very free and light now having given up the attachments.

All the misery in the world is caused by attachments.

Look forward to hearing from you. Please do say if you are not used to Zoom and we can help you.

In the love of yoga


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