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Newsletter - September 2021

Dear one,

It is good that you look after the body that you have been given, but not so good to be attached to it.

We yogis can get so identified and there is a danger of thinking that you are the body.

“You do not have a spirit, you are spirit, you have a body”

Think of your body as a finely tuned tool, this tool can do nothing without the permission of the mind. The sanscript word Asana translated means “attitude”.

Do you notice a change in your attitude when practising an asana?

Halasana works for me, I find it restorative and tranquilising.

Clouds in the mind can disperse when your attention is wholeheartedly on the posture.

When the air is warm it can be wonderful to practice outside feeling your feet on the ground.

Keep your mind on the posture.

Your body is your mantra.

Let the birds and bees carry on with their play.

Hawkwood weekend is coming up this weekend and it is now fully booked – I am so sorry to have to turn folks away.

The next Weekend in Yoga – with special guest Narain Ishaya at Beaconsfield Hall, OX7 6BQ - Friday 4th – Sunday 6th March In his talks Narain will be sharing the truths that lie beyond the physical aspect.

Please be sure to book for this in good time.

I need to book you in first come first served.

Details of the program and directions can be found here:

As things are the b&b’s are booking up into next year already so please ask for our recommended list of local accommodation.

Back to class this week. It will be so good to see you again in person.

Beaconsfield Hall, Shipton under Wychwood, OX7 6BQ Tuesday 7.30pm – 8.45pm – Easy yoga with John White Wednesday 9.45am – 11.15am – You are welcome to stay for practical philosophy & meditation ending at 11.45am. Please request link for Zoom

Oddington Village Hall, GL56 0UZ Thursday 9th September 7.30pm – 8.45pm

There will be social spacing in the halls & please could you wear masks to enter the hall.

Please be assured you will be quite safe, John & I will self test the evening before each class.

Yoga Day

The next yoga day is on Wednesday 13th October at Beaconsfield Hall (and on Zoom for our distance students)

See you soon




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