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Newsletter - October 2020

It was so good to feel your presence at Hawkwood.

Hawkwood is such a special place and has a presence of its own standing in an area of great beauty at the top of the Stroud Valley.

I am sure we all went home refreshed and full of good spirits.

The two students taking their final 6th Module; Armando & Shireen, had practiced well and passed with top marks.

Every care was taken with social distancing etc. The full quota was 16 students, so we all had single rooms and a bathroom each.

The food was amazingly good as usual.

Our next residential will be at the Beaconsfield Hall in 27 & 28 February. Please let us know if you wish to stay the night.

Every month the 9.45am Wednesday class is extended to a yoga day. Dates & programme are on the website, our next one is Wednesday 21st October please let me know by this Sunday 18th if you wish to come.

Every Covid19 precaution is taken there, so no fears please.

One student thought she was not “good enough” to come to a yoga residential, another said he had not practiced enough to come.

These ideas and opinions we have about ourselves could hold us back.

In truth there are no levels. You practice from where you are now and it does not matter what your level of proficiency is. But what does matter is – where your attention is – the ability to have one pointed attention in your practice.

7th limb of yoga meditation is the practice of staying in the present, and to help as we introduce a mantra to focus on.

It really is so simple, so simple that we can miss it: To stop our minds straying into the past or future.

We give attention to what is here and now – the ever present, still, quiet, immortal space.

“True happiness cannot be found in the transient material world”

By working whole heartedly giving complete attention to the body (our personal mantra), our mind becomes focused, then there is no room for circling thoughts.

As the mind is like quick silver and runs astray so easily – we need a discipline to come under.

You have a wonderful personal mantra – your body – so whether you think it is too fat, too hairy, too small, too anything – it is actually just made for you and is the perfect tool to bring you back to the present.

The equinox on 21st September had a powerfully eliminating effect on our bodies which can manifest in coughs and colds, aches and pains etc. This effect can be repeated after a month, or cycle, you may feel 1 degree under, it’s all part of the eliminating process. Please drink plenty of water and rest.

As we are nearly 4 weeks away from the equinox, we may be feeling the effects of this powerful elimination time.

Halasana, Adhomukha Svanasana, Prasavita Padottanasana are all recuperating and quieting postures.

Please include these in your practice.

Hope to see you next Wednesday, please let me know if you can come

In the love of Yoga



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