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The Power of Your Attention

Take your attention to the soles of your feet, and immediately you get feedback, the texture of the substance you are on. Is your weight on the front of your feet or the heels, the outer or inner sides.

When you experience pain from a blister, does not all your attention; your thought, go to that blister? The rest of you disappears from your consciousness and you are one big blister!

You have the power to widen your attention to see how the rest of this body, you are looking after, is working so well.

We can direct our attention.

Say you are in a class attentive to your posture, a door opens, and someone comes in. Is your attention drawn away as you look round? And search in your mind to identify this person. Does your body exist in this moment?

With training the mind can be steadfast and focused, one-pointed. This is our practice – To be still in mind and body.

Focus in the present. This body is our mantra, our tool.

Do you have fidgets in the body? Then they are in your mind too.


Whatever you turn your mind to, your attention to, only exists for you and only that.


If you choose to listen to these thoughts then these stories, these imaginings in your head are made real, for you.

You are the author of your head stuff, your imaginings.

We create our own world; we suffer from ourselves.


Although the 8 limbs of yoga are of the one body, all here now, they are given in an order, and it is well to practice in that order. Asana, Pranayama prepare us for meditation.

In my teens I found meditation, which seemed a great idea, but I had so much energy whizzing around and my back ached, that my practice did not feel at all relaxed. I was told to run around the roundabout before sitting down to meditate. This helped a bit. I then found yoga, which was an enormous help in channelling the energy and the back pain lessened.

To fix a time to practice is helpful. Early morning is good. Stretch first before sitting down for pranayama and then mediation, otherwise you might just fall asleep!


“Come into the light of the present moment, out of the darkness of the past.” – Dr Roles.

There are two worlds, head and heart, and only one of them is real.

You choose.


Yoga Days 2024

Wednesday 20th-Mar,  24th-Apr,  8th-May,  19th-Jun,  17th-July,  18th-Sept,  16th-Oct,  13th-Nov,  11th-Dec


Aura Soma, Thursday 27th June – Monday 1st July at Dev Aura LN9 6QL, is now open to the Ishayas, who are very keen to hear Narain’s talks and the yoga - therefore it’s booking up fast, so please book soon if you are interested.


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Enjoy this special time. Make it an oasis in your day.

Breathe well,



In the summer of 2020, Melisa Holloway was standing outside our front door wondering if she should start TT. I knew she would be fine, but like many folks she had her doubts. She was well qualified academically and had lots to say, but after reading Goethe’s commitment message she enrolled. All turned out really well and she is confidently teaching in Dorset.

Well done, Mel, you have worked so well, and you surely deserve your 6th Module certificate.


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