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Dear one,

What a pleasure it is to give presents and to be present when they are being unwrapped. The excitement, the one-pointed attention as the layers of papers are being torn off. It’s not about the costliness of the present but about the care and attention you have given to the choosing and wrapping it. Your love and care, your presence is what matters. When sharing this present moment with the recipients, giving and receiving is the same.

With youngsters it’s all about receiving. One of the most important things to teach children is to share; and when they do put some weird thing in your mouth (I remember my grandmother eating a Play doh cake and watching her with curiosity) receive it with great gratitude.

Be unlimited with love, praise, and gratitude. It’s the universal law that whatever you give comes right back to you. It may not be in the same form, but it will always come back. Your presence/attention is the greatest gift you can give, and the good news is you all have unlimited supplies of it.

If you are visiting or hosting it can be a challenge to withdraw from your present company to practice. But it’s ok, they may not notice your absence! You are not missing out, just the opposite, they will save you a chocolate.


I suggest you practice half bow to open the chest and hips. Then followed by four Dhanurasana (if appropriate). Maintaining a strong Mulabandha.

Concentrate on opening the front body. Backaches bring strength and heat to the body.

If you are exhausted, practice recuperative asanas, including two minutes in Setubandha and two minutes in Halasana until refreshed and finish by rolling down from Halasana.


Observe yourself in deep breathing with bandhas on and see which pranayama is most helpful for you to practice. They all have different effects.

Beginners, please practice Ujii.

It will be good to work with you again, term starts on:

Tuesday the 9th of January - 7:00pm and Wednesday the 10th of Jan - 9:45am (9:15am for teachers), both at the Beaconsfield Hall.

Thursday the 11th of January – 11.45am at The Fire College, Moreton-in-Marsh.

Here are the dates for long Wednesdays:

A Different Day in Yoga at Beaconsfield Hall, Shipton-under-Wychwood, OX7 6BQ

Wednesday 24th-Jan, 21st-Feb, 20th-Mar, 24th-Apr, 8th-May, 19th-Jun, 17th-July, 18th-Sept, 16th-Oct, 13th-Nov, 11th-Dec

9.45am to 3pm - TTs come at 9.15am please

£60 (£37 for students who have paid for the morning class).

Take a further step into the peace and quiet of the mind through the practice of pranayama, meditation, and acceptance. Let’s work on our weaknesses to see that, the so-called problems, can be our gifts.

We are returning to Aura Soma on Thursday 27th June – Monday 1st July.

Dev Aura, Little London, Tetford, Lincolnshire, LN9 6QL

Originally the Old Rectory, set in a picturesque village in the heart of Lincolnshire, Dev Aura is now a fine, spacious, and friendly mansion set in beautifully landscaped gardens.

The whole atmosphere is conducive to Yoga and relaxation. It is warm, light, and spacious. In the nearby fields herbs are grown for their healing oils and bio-dynamic properties. The food is all organic, the cuisine is delicious, and the water is double osmotically filtered and spun. This magical place has a special energy about it. Come and experience it!

To book please contact 07587 140032 or email

Our Hawkwood weekend will be from Friday 27th – Sunday 29th September. Painswick Old Road, Stroud, GL6 7QW.

A full programme is offered of asana, pranayama, practical talks, and meditation. To enroll on this weekend please contact Hawkwood directly 01453 759034 / or book online at

In the love of yoga,



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