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Newsletter - February 2022

Dear Ones,

Amongst our guests on a yoga day was a young man called Edward, a friend of my son who has been through a most challenging time you could say a “mental breakdown” but he chose to face his challenges and observe what was going on in his mind.

It turned out to be a breakup; his mind had become unbearably overactive with fearful thoughts – not the usual worries like; shall in quit my job, my partner, my home but, a never ending stream of angry voices shouting in his head.

He understood how people in his state could resort to suicide in desperation he succumbed to tranquillisers which gave him a small space in his mind.

It was then that he came to a yoga weekend at Heythrop Park here in the Cotswolds.

An Ishaya monk called Sukra Deva was talking about the effects of yoga on quietening the mind and Edward heard these words.

It changed his life.

He comes to our yoga retreats now 15 years later and is happily married to a yoga teacher and is working as a counsellor.

“Sweet are the uses of adversity” William Shakespeare

To learn from our difficulties and problems we need to face them.

As these worries are in our heads, worries about how it is going to be or has been. To face them we need to;- experience the emotion they evoke, feel it, don’t hold back. Keep looking at the feeling, it could be anywhere in the body. Imagine the situation although it be uncomfortable, stay focused on your feeling. The mind may wander off as it wants to escape but be ruthless and keep your attention centred on the so called problem.

Keep breathing

Tell me what you find

It may need a change of attitude so that you see the situation in a different light but when you do your world can change – it’s a miracle!

This can only happen when we are in the present observing what is here and now

Observing the mind itself

“true knowledge is in observation” B.K.S Iyengar

Truth is only in the present

Thoughts are not

Astrologically we have moved into a time of high energy and turbulent change. It is important that we think and act with karuna (loving kindness) especially with ourselves. We have moved through a time of restriction and we deserve to release and follow our dreams.

Hospitals will change, banking, leadership (especially in America)

If you have read “Autobiography of a yogi” you will understand all is possible, it is to do with our perception, not what you see with your eyes but what you see with your mind .

Remember its not what you think, you are what you think.

Be the positive and loving person you are.

“He who walks in the rhythm of life is never weary” Gandhi

In the love of yoga


There are a couple of places left on our yoga and philosophy weekend, please let us know before Friday 18th February if you can come 01608 651189

Ruth White and special guest Narain Ishaya at Beaconsfield Hall, OX7 6BQ

Yoga & Philosophy Weekend

Friday 4th – Sunday 6th March 2022

You don’t have to be “good” at postures to come.

There will be an easy, partially seated yoga class in the small hall running simultaneously.

It’s about where your attention is and being open to new ideas.

Ruth endeavours to adapt postures to meet the everchanging needs of her students.

Narain Ishaya has been sharing his wisdom with us on yoga retreats for the last 21 years (except for Covid years)

In Lesbos, Mexico, Spain and mostly in Britain.

In his talks Narain will be sharing the truths that lie beyond the physical aspect.

For more information click here

To book please call 01608 651189 or email

Fees: £176 for the weekend including lunch on Saturday and Sunday

£88 for one day

Friday’s talk no charge

All are welcome

I don’t want you to miss out!


If you wish to stay locally, please let me know and we can send you a recommended list of local accommodation or there is The Wychwood Inn which is conveniently placed opposite the Beaconsfield Hall, when calling them please mention you are part of the yoga weekend.

The food is excellent and served here from 6.15pm, please book in advance for Friday.

Please let us know if you would like to join us for the dinner party on Saturday as we need to let The Wychwood Inn know numbers. Dinner is at 6.30pm so you can wander across after the meditation.


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