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Hello Dear One,

How is your practice going this Christmas holidays?

Is it more difficult to practice in the holidays? I find it so. It does help to practice with others, or to work with a class on video. Or to assist another in their practice.

We benefit from Iyengar’s teachings.

We stand on the shoulders of masters.

These inspiring sutras and quotes we read and understand lift our spirits for a while? But is understanding enough?

We need to experience them and live them.

Your ego mind has created what you think yourself to be – your personality. These ideas are full of limitations and can hold you back.

These ideas are restrictions; Self-inflicted limitations. You are not these concepts, beliefs, ideas, and thoughts turning in the mind such as “I cannot do” “that will never happen” “I am always so unlucky.” These stories we tell ourselves can have a depressive effect and cover up our true greatness.

Anything is possible if we believe it.

You create your own world and suffer from yourselves.

Please dear one, step up and realise your greatness.

When Nisagadata was asked how he became realised, he said “my Guru said I was, and I believed him”.

Who you think (left brain) you are is full of restraint and limitation. Left brain is not the truth.

Uncover the blocks which hide the truth. The truth is always here (right brain).

How do you feel right now?

Go further into your feelings.

Thoughts arise from feelings.

Look even further into your feelings; experience them.

Bring back a challenging situation you experienced, feel the emotion it provokes. Keep looking, feeling, in the now, observe what is happening.

Are you willing to accept yourself like this?

Do we spend most of our life fighting the world, resisting and wishing it were other than it is.

We blame circumstances – the outside world, looking for reasons outside ourselves using excuses like, “I had a bad day”, “the weather stopped me”, “I tripped because the ground was rough”.

When we live in fear (left brain), we can be controlled.

Come into the light and power of now (right brain).

Make that very short journey 10” from your head to your heart.

Fear is of the outside world.

Meet your world from your heart.

If you found Wednesday tough going it was solstice when the body likes to eliminate toxins which could result in headaches, aches and pains or not thinking too clearly.

Don’t join the lemmings!

Take breaths over Christmas – pranayama breaths.

Love as always.



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