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Dear Friends,

With this fluctuating weather it’s good to remember the postures that warm and invigorate you and the ones that cool and quieten you down.

You may feel a resistance to the ones you need!

For example, when feeling sleepy or lethargic you may feel like sitting forward bends, not back arching, and standings – which is what you really need.

Engage the Bandas, especially before back arching.

Remember the deep breathing. It’s a great moderator, I mean it cools you when you are hot and warms you when you are cold.

Your practice is very precious; it’s a time when you slow down, focus on our body, and pay complete attention in the Now. The mind falls back into its natural state of stillness, into a state of yoga, and the fluctuations of the mind calm down. It is then that we can have the luxury of true relaxation; Savasana – corpse pose.

Which is what we all crave, isn’t it?

When we have the experience of being with like-minded persons for 2 full days, something happens, and we remember how we felt as children – free and playful.

You see it’s not about your body, it’s about your mind. The body is a wonderful tool. Whatever condition it’s in!

Yoga is for everybody.

In the love of Yoga,


Come and join us at Hawkwood and experience it.

Weekend in Yoga & Meditation

at Hawkwood

with Ruth White

Come and join us at Hawkwood, a stunning 19c manor house, situated at the head of the Stroud Valley overlooking the Cotswold Hills.

Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th September 2023

You don't have to be good at yoga, we cater for all levels of ability from chair yoga classes to teachers in training.

You can treat it as a recuperating, restful weekend, attending all or any of the talks and practices. A full programme is offered with talks, yoga, and pranayama, preparing us for meditation. Quiet rooms are always available.

Please visit our website for more information

or ring Ruth on 07587140032


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