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Newsletter - August 2022

Dear One,

How is your practice going?

I’ve been enjoying “holiday” classes and the great variety of teaching techniques they offer.

It’s good to see how the class leaves you, I mean how you are left after a class.

Letting go

If I ask you to deepen your breathing, 95% of us would inhale first.

First exhale the stale air out to your maximum.

The in breath will automatically look after itself and be deeper.

Your exhalation is a thankful releasing breath.

Your inhalation is taking in prana – joining with universal energy.

The extent of the inhalation is determined by the depth of the exhalation.

We book up for classes, days, or retreats to gather more knowledge, new ideas, better health. That’s fine but have we let go of our concepts and pre-formed ideas?

Allow Mindspace so that we are able and can be open enough to; new ideas and information: see from a different point of view, a new take on the subject.

We enthusiastically want more of the good things in life. But its only by letting go of (what we think we know) that we can receive.

This applies to everything.

E.g., Before his talk, the wise man poured tea for his students. One busy lady held out her cup and the wise man filled it to the brim and went on pouring. The tea overflowed and filled the saucer. “You are already full of ideas, and I cannot give you any more,” he said.

On a retreat in Lesbos, one of the students walked out of the class, never to return. She disagreed with the instruction so strongly that she left the hotel with her husband and booked into another for the remaining 5 days. I saw her on the return flight, but she couldn’t look at me. She was trapped by her strong ideas.

Your practice is to quieten the mind, to create space. To be empty, open, and innocent.

Look up into the blue sky, absorb it.

In Sanskrit blue sky means akarsa; it also translates as Mindspace.

A routine practice can be most helpful as long as you don’t feel locked in and unable to change.

Be open.

I’m looking forward to seeing you and teaching you again. The first class of term starts with John’s Tuesday class in Shipton at 7:30pm on 6th September followed by Wednesday 9:45am, and Thursday 11:45am at Moreton Fire College.

On the following Wednesday 14th we have a Yoga Day, 9:45am – 3pm.

On Friday 9th September the event of the year, A Weekend in Yoga at Hawkwood.

In addition to the programme, we have Linda giving her gong bath on Sunday afternoon and Amber’s most effective Biophoton Light Therapy healing techniques. You may book in a one-to-one with her. For more about Amber’s magic:

You are welcome to come for a day, but priority is given to those who book for the weekend.

“You cannot solve your problems with the same thinking you used to make them.” - Einstein.

All thoughts come and go. None are serious, none are real. None deserve your attention for a second longer.

Breathe well and absorb the blue sky,

Love Ruth


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