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Newsletter - June 2021

If I asked you what you wanted more than anything else you might simply answer “I want to be happy”.

It seems there are 2 sorts of happiness;

How do you feel after a yoga session or an uplifting talk, listening to the vedas or a classical concert, sharing truths in like minded company? Would you feel lifted, rested, quiet and yet full of fine energy?

Is there a different happiness when acquiring a new car, a Dyson hoover, booking a sumptuous holiday?

True lasting happiness will never be found in this transient/material world. So not to get too attached to our material world.

There is nothing wrong with having fun and playing your part well.

The Sanskrit word Leila means to play. Little children practice this most of the time, but as we grow older and up we can take things too seriously.

We form attachments to this material world.

This can take the fun out of it.

In fact attachments are the only reasons that we suffer.

Go with the flow


Set in the heart of the Cotswolds countryside, in the village of Whichford.

The surrounding woods are the most beautiful in England and at present are full of wild flowers.

For the last 3 years we have had a booking here which has had to be cancelled for one reason or another. And now we are finally going I would love you to come and have the experience of a weekend (9th – 11th July) at this magical place. It is a stunning venue and has a fine energy about it and yet is quiet and peaceful with its spring fed lake.

About the yoga

A full programme is offered but it is up to you – if you want to rest up or wander then that is fine. The programme and more information is on our website.

Due to social spacing we have only one residential space left at Holycombe but we can offer accommodation at our home as we are only 15 minutes away. Day visitors are most welcome or come from 4pm – 9pm for a class, supper and talk on the Friday or Saturday, please refer to

Let us know if there is a problem bringing your own duvet cover, pillowcase and bottom sheet.

Please let us know straight away if you are coming as we need to know numbers and so do the cooks.

Also please do let us know if you need collecting from Moreton in Marsh station.

Breath well


Ruth x


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