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Newsletter - July 2021

There were 10 light switches in the practice hall in Holycombe last weekend; Buddha in an alcove, bronze, oak and alabaster ornaments were illuminated. Oh! and feathers and wild flowers. The centre pendant was a disco light – I thought not to turn it on!

In the bedroom called “Magic Forest” large rustic branches formed the head and tail boards. A picture on the opposite wall was completely composed of shells, of all different kinds.

More shells on the loo seat – imbedded in resin fortunately!

It was a fantastic place, the food was amazingly good. Kirsten and Martin had stepped in when their housemates (who catered on our last weekend at Beaconsfield Hall) cancelled. Wonderful dishes came out of the very small kitchen. Moussaka, Mexican Enchilada Casserole and Spring Green Stew, all with delicious salads.

Regrettably Holycombe is closing this year as the owners are retiring.

Karuna’s 3 classes were just right, adventurous and good timing. She is an excellent teacher (although I say it myself). We had 4 teacher training classes, in the last of which Jo Fellows sat her 6th modular assessment which I am most happy to say she passed.

All trainee teachers have feedback after their assessment, we all have points to work on and further to go.

If you wish to take your yoga further, for those who have gained their 6th module Karuna Yoga Teacher Certificate, there is a 7th module which through yoga leads us back into the quiet, intuitive mind, where we can see so much further and takes yoga onto a different level.

“The forest would be a very quiet place if only the good birds sang.” You don’t have to be good at yoga to come.

Forthcoming Events

A Different Day In Yoga

Take a further step into the peace and quiet of the mind through the practice of pranayama, meditation and attitude. Let’s work on our weaknesses to see that the so-called problems can be our gifts. These days will also be on Zoom for distant students.

at Beaconsfield Hall, Shipton-under-Wychwood, OX7 6BQ

9.45am – 3pm

10th September 13th October 3rd November 1st December

A weekend or day in Yoga at Hawkwood, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Friday 10th September – Sunday 12th September

This 19th century country mansion overlooks the Stroud Valley. It is set in wooded gardens in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The all organic cuisine is delicious. To enrol on this weekend please contact Hawkwood directly 01453 759034

Two days in Yoga – with special guest Narain Ishaya

at Beaconsfield Hall

Saturday 5th – Sunday 6th March 2022

Narain, an Ishaya Monk, has been sharing his wisdom with us for 20 years and will be joining us again as our guest speaker and will share his inspiring philosophical yoga talks with us.

Please book early as places are now ,limited. Priority given to those that were on the waiting list for Holycombe.

I wonder if you felt the effect of the Solstice around Monday 21st June?

A change in your energies perhaps? Solstice and for 3 days around the full moon, is a great time for your body to eliminate toxins so you could feel rather low, it is a good sign and means your energies are diverted into throwing out these stored up toxins.

Rest up if you need to and drink plenty of water.

To aid the bodies power to eliminate, please practice twists and inverted postures. If you are not ready for head or shoulder balance then practice forward bends.

We have talked about the way you see the world and how your world can change according to your attitude/mood.

I was surprised to hear that we only see .001% of our surroundings.

So, what happens. As soon as we label or name anything we think we know about it. For example, say you have an Uncle Joe, and know lots about him if he’s mentioned in conversation, you will recall memories of him - his history made up of images in your mind. You are seeing pictures and memories not with the body eyes, but with your mind.

I am sitting in the conservatory looking out onto the garden, its all very familiar and I see a wooden table with a parasol and chairs, a climbing rope hanging in the apple tree, a swinging seat, trees, birds. I have named and labelled them all, they are all as I am accustomed to seeing - they are history. I am seeing what I expect to see. The brain combines this library of information with the .001% we observe in the present.

An example of this, I was laying up the breakfast for a yoga friend and couldn’t not find the bread. He makes it himself, every day, a lovely wholegrain brown loaf. I called upstairs “where is the bread?” “in the breadbin of course” but I looked in the bread bin and couldn’t see the loaf. I searched all around the kitchen again, no loaf. I had to ask again and received the same answer. I looked in the bread bin and there was a white loaf! I was blind to it, as I was looking for a scrumptious brown one.

You might have experienced this, when looking into your fridge for a certain pot, but the label you have in mind has been changed. So you do not see it.

“We only see the past” Course of Miracles

When coming out of savasana; look around with a child like gaze, as if seeing for the first time, no labels, no story.

“True knowledge is in observation” BKS Iyengar

I have found the practice of yoga in all its 8 limbs is a powerful and joyful way of quietening the mind, it is only when the mind quietens down and we let go of the past that we can begin to see.

I am off now to a retreat at Lendrick Lodge for a course with Sandra Sabatini.

Have a wonderful holiday and remember your yoga everyday

Love to you

Ruth x


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