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Newsletter - January 2021

Hello dear students

How is your practice going? Let’s keep our spirits up by enjoying a daily practice and not concentrating on fighting the virus.

The virus does not want to kill its hosts.

Yoga protects our bodies and while it is most important to keep supple and strong it is not all about keeping our bodies healthy but about being spiritually and mentally uplifted.

To stay healthy in mind, body and spirit our attitude plays an enormous part.

If we choose to watch or read the news we could become most fearful.

Whatever you chose to give your attention to gets magnified so you could live in that “fear world”.

On the eve of 9/11 when the World Trade Building was destroyed I was to teach my yoga class in Cheam, usually about 40 students, 4 turned up. The absentees chose to watch replays of the disaster, going over it in their minds or talking about how disastrous it all was. They chose to give their attention to the “fear world” and suffered from it.

After the earthquake in Haiti those experiencing it registered less fear than those who watched the news reports.

We only suffer in our minds.

When you see that your mind has wandered off to the past or to some distant place, come back into the light of the present moment.

The practice of yoga synchronises mind and body in the present and relieves us from imaginings and fear thoughts.

Even though we may not be able to meet for classes, we can still practice together in virtual classes, and in person whenever possible.

I sincerely hope our Monday students will be able to attend either our Tuesday or Wednesday class, which will be at Beaconsfield Hall once we are back in the venues.

If you would prefer to resume classes when allowed on Monday at Asthall Manor please let us know.

We are starting the term on:

Tuesday 5th January - 7.30pm – 8.30pm - suitable for beginners. Teachers Training and advanced until 9pm.

Wednesday – 9.45am – 11.15am – suitable for TT. You are welcome to stay for philosophy and mediation from 11.15am for 30 minutes – suitable for teacher training.

Saturday – 9am – 11am - Karuna White starts with Asana practice and I will continue with pranayama, philosophy and mediation. Suitable for TT.

Tuesday - Half a term - £48 for 6 x 1 hour classes

Wednesday & Saturday - Half a term - £60 for 6 classes

Classes will be held in person whenever possible

It would be good to see you, please let me know which classes you are enrolling for and I will send you the link for the classes the day before.

There will be a yoga day on 27th January and thereafter every month, dates and time are on the website

Breath well

In the love of yoga

Ruth x

Keep up with the buzz words:

Lockstalgia = fond remembrance for that time when you could hear the birds sing, the skies were empty and we banged saucepans in the street for the NHS.

Coronospiracy Theory = “vaccines contain Bill Gates’s microchips”, “its all down to 5G”, “genetically modified crops”.

Quarantini = First cocktail in lockdown, often consumed at the lockdown hour of 5pm, when wine lovers reach for the furlong Merlot and spirit drinkers for the bubonic gin and tonic.


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