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Aura Soma Retreat

What I love about these residentials is that we have time to go further into the stillness of the mind and practice pranayama and meditation, as well as asana. We can talk, share experiences, and understand the truths that lie behind the physical forms.

Although you are encouraged to go further in the asana practice, it’s not about your physical abilities. It’s about where your attention/mind is. You don’t have to be “good” to come. It’s by facing challenges that we learn and grow.

Just come with an open mind ready to accept change.

Your body is displaying a mudra.

Is the practice having an effect on your attitude?

Please still come if you have any so called problems. Let us work together to release any strain or anxiety that may surround them.

In this way we can come back to our natural state of peace and harmony.

Aura Soma is the perfect place for this.

They heal through colours, not only in their glass bottles, which are of two translucent colours. The top half being suspended in oil and the bottom in spring water. From a choice of 121 bottles, you select whatever colours attract you most. Each bottle contains 2 translucent coloured fluids. These translucent healing potions make a most attractive display when back lit.

Each room and hall has a colour scheme: the waist high crystals chosen to match the décor of that room, the chairs, which are upholstered with each seat covered in a different colour of the rainbow; the glass drinking bottles, the décor and in house wall hangings all are vibrant, the soaps and toiletries they generously leave around. The vibrations from these colours have a powerful healing effect on you

If you walk down the winding garden path, it leads you through the seven chakras all depicted by coloured lamps to match the vibration of that chakra, set in a garden with water feature, plant, tree or statue.

You are welcome to look around the workplace where they bottle these precious potions. Most of the villagers, and beyond, work at Aura Soma. The atmosphere is quiet, and the workers wear white headdresses and are accompanied by a background of classical music. It’s all very precise and calming.

You must be wondering “what’s in it”. As far as I know - crystals, perfumes, colours, and prayers.

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