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Newsletter - April 2020

As the internet connection is so weak in Moreton in Marsh, Cotswolds my daughter Karuna has kindly offered to include you in her live class - I must say she is very good, though I say it myself.

Over the last 3 weeks Karuna has been running Zoom Yoga classes for her students on Saturday mornings from 9am to 10.15am . We do hope you can join in, all abilities are welcome as there are different timings for ‘new hand ‘ and ‘old hands ‘ in the class .If you would like to come to a free trial please email Karuna on and she will send you the link for the class this Saturday .

What we see is a direct reflection of the inner Self or your state of mind. Your state of mind and attitude can be lifted by your practice and your perception of the world can change. I know how difficult it can be to practice in your own home. Just as you are about to practice, an inspiration comes in "I will just hoover the whole house first!" It does help to have a regular time to practice daily as yoga is has such a quietening, meditating effect.

For those of you particularly if you are in isolation, I thought you might like to read this message from a fellow student;

"I learned a valuable lesson about fear from my children when they were young. If they believed there was something hiding under their beds and they were frightened to go to sleep, no matter how much I explained there was nothing under the bed , got the torch out to show them, rationalised that they were imagining it, that it wasn’t real and they had nothing to worry about, it just did not work with them. They believed in it and that was that!

It was then that I learned that the only thing that helped them and gave them peace was when I said, ‘It’s okay, I will stay with you’. I will be with you. They then went peacefully to sleep. I think that really it is the aloneness that they most feared. It is the experience of being separated from the source of their love and protection."

If you are present the fearful imaginings disappear.

Enjoy the freedom that changing your routine brings.

In the love of Yoga


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