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Newsletter March 2020

Spring is early this year so perhaps equinox is too. Both are excellent times for your body to eliminate toxins. It’s rather like doubling the effects of a full moon. Every month when the moon is full the body has a chance to eliminate, so it’s helpful to stop taking any supplements for 3 days to give the body, especially the liver a chance to release when substances such as antibiotics, nitrates, chlorine, pain killer or any drugs previously taken. You may feel nauseous, develop a cold or spots or you could feel very tired. It’s only the body taking this opportunity to cleanse by releasing. Postures help the process, especially twists and inverted postures.

The media would have us believe that we are about to take our last breath – all of us and our imagination can get going, this is not the way my friends. You are yogis and your immune systems are good. Your yoga practice will protect you – this is not the end of the world. What you have in mind is what you become. Think well of yourselves – you are strong.

To stop us acting like lemmings, please include in your practice calming and recuperating asanas, forward bends, Adho Mukha, Halasana and Svanasana. The twists will help the kidneys and liver eliminate. Here is an e mail from a student with a great attitude:

“After the initial shock of what is happening, I am personally feeling some relief. With all social pressure removed I feel more relaxed and free to spend time reflecting on all the teachings and to experience my true being without distraction. The loneliness we may feel will be a great teacher.

I hope everyone can stay very positive and overcome the fear and grief that we may be called upon to bear”

Our new venue The Fire College was most successful and will have it again. It has a large clean, deep, warm swimming pool. A spacious practice rooms. A great choice in the buffet. The accommodation is excellent.

Special note to those who have booked for Lesbos 7 days retreat. If we do have to postpone this Senior Certificate training, there will be no charge from me. If you booked your flight tickets with a personal credit card and the foreign office declare it is unsafe to fly the then we should receive a refund.

I am carrying on and obviously will follow governments recommendations during this uncertain time. Continue having a positive outlook - I have attached a list of residentials. During your classes, give plenty of space, emphasise the pranayama and keep timings shorter including recuperating postures. It would be better not to give physical correction, teach from the front and keep your outlook positive. Washing hands well with soap and water as it is a virus, and not to use towels, but paper towels, shake or pat dry.

Plans for forthcoming retreats are still in place but this may change. A drop of tea tree oil in your hand wash is good. H202 will act to boost your immune system, we are taking it and had found excellent results. See attached leaflet.

If you don’t want to attend class, I would suggest you buy.

  • Complete Yoga Postures

  • Yoga Back stretches

  • Yoga for the More adept

If you start with opening the front body and finishing your practice with complete relaxation you can chose your own programme. These are available on the website, or email

Classes start after Easter W/C 20th April. Please note change of Venue for Monday’s Class from Asthall Hall to Warwick.

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power

We have guided missiles and misguided men”

Martin Luther King

Please drink plenty of clean water and breath well.


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