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Newsletter - January 2020

Dear Friends How are you feeling? It’s good to get back to classes after Christmas.

If you are finding your mind is still active when you go to bed, try this;

Here is a brilliant method of quietening the mind. So that you can fall into a deep, recuperating sleep.

Lie on your back or your right side arms over your head and stretch from your finger tips to your toes - for longer than you normally stretch.

Exhale with attention taking your arms down.

Keeping your arms by your side inhale from your pelvic floor right up to your collar bones. Take 6 more deep breaths.

Normal breathing for 3 breaths. Now breathing out slowly and fully with attention.

Now on each exhalation imagine you have a pot of pure white light pouring over the top of your head running down over your head and over your body. Inhale deeply and continue for 6 long breathes.

Normal breathing, if you’re still here repeat sequence.

There is not much thinking or intellectualisation in yoga. When all your attention is on the body and you are listening to it, it wakes up! What a pleasure that is, to come back into the present.

Your practice in the Now can only happen if the mind is quiet and as you have experienced when the mind is quiet the heart opens. “True knowledge comes from observation” BKS Iyengar.

Asana classes are very popular now, but I am concerned that the other limbs are not being taught, so please let’s get together, learn more and spread these ancient truths.

I have not seen some of you for years and would dearly love to. It would be great to meet up, have a reunion and share our knowledge. There is so much more that I would love to share with you.

For our Two Days of Yoga on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th March we have changed to a preferred venue in Moreton, to the Fire Service College. The practice room is light and spacious and has a peaceful outlook. Their swimming pool and gym are open if you would like to stay longer!

Please let us know if you are coming so that we can secure a place for you.

Travel details to Lesbos

After the demise of Thomas Cook the best travel option is to fly to Athens and catch a flight to Lesbos. We will be flying out from Heathrow on the 24th May 12.15pm with Aegean Airlines to Athens, then on to Mytilene at 9.15pm arriving in Lesbos at 10.05pm. Returning on 31st May 7pm by an overnight ferry to Athens, where we will get a connecting flight to Heathrow at 1.30pm arriving at Heathrow at 3.30pm. To book the overnight ferry please go to the website

For those wanting to buy the return flight ticket back from Lesbos to Athens – there is a flight on 31st May at 7.40am from Mytilene to Athens, arriving at 8.30am. The connecting flight from Athens to Heathrow is at 9.15am, arriving at Heathrow at 11.15am.

When we taught in Crete we used to spend the night in Athens and have a whole day to sight see, sleep, eat and climb up to the Parthenon. It is fascinating to see the ancient Greek museums and famous statues with panoramic views from these sights.

We will be staying in the Sunrise Hotel in Lesbos from Sunday 24th May and leaving on 31th May in the evening.

It really is an ideal place to relax and take your yoga further. If you walk towards the hot pools in Effaltou you can swim in the warm clear sea and have the beach to yourself!

We would appreciate your confirmation of attendance by 24 January in order for us to book the hotel. Please send a deposit of £200 cheque to be made payable to R White or pay via BACS to account number 19545860 sort code 30-95-75.

Could you also please let me know your booked travel information, including what time and place you are going to arrive as soon as possible. The hotel will arrange your collection. It is good to book your travel arrangements now – we travel at a popular time and the prices go up nearer the holiday date.

It’s great to be on the deck for departure from Piraeus Harbour, Athens and watch the sun set over the Greek Islands. Before you retire try the restaurant, we found that the food is very good on the ferry.

With love


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