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Newsletter - December 2019

Dear Friends

How are you this Christmas-tide? The Christmas spirit is about, I was struggling to lift a Christmas tree into the shopping trolley and was helped by a young man who tossed it in with ease. I thanked him profusely and he said “Well it’s Christmas time, isn’t it?”. He also helped me fit the tree into my car.

The care and thought that goes into decorations in the home, street and shop windows is most heart-lifting for the giver and the viewer.

The trick is to give all your attention to what is in front of you, what you are doing now.

One thing at a time.

We tend to think of time as linear with the present in the middle. It’s in the middle all right, in fact it’s the only one. The past and future are in your head, they don’t exist. In the darkness of the imagined past and future lie all our worries and fears, come into the light of the present moment and choose to be happy. It’s up to you.

About the Lesbos flights, we are still researching. The Sunrise Hotel is booked, Saturday 16th May – Saturday 30th May 2020. Flying from Heathrow there are either one or two transfers or a stop in Athens and then take a ferry to Lesbos. John and I used to take this option and sleep on the ferry, it was fun to wake up in Lesbos. More details to follow after Christmas.

Next term begins on 6th January for classes at Beaconsfield Hall and 8th January at Asthall Manor, Burford.

Calendar for 2020

A Different Day In Yoga at Beaconsfield Hall, Shipton-under-Wychwood

Wednesday 22nd January, 18th March, 29th April and 17th June

Take a further step into the peace and quiet of the mind through the practice of pranayama, meditation and acceptance. Let’s work on our weaknesses and see that the so-called problems can be our gifts.

Two Days In Yoga at Beaconsfield Hall, Shipton-under-Wychwood

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th March

Two full days of yoga, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. Seeing how we can, through yoga, release fears stored in the body.

An Evening Talk at The Isbourne Centre Cheltenham, Yoga to Access Your 6th Sense

16th April, 7-8.30pm

You have the gift of insight, there are no exceptions. So, what clouds your vision?

Ruth has devised powerful techniques to enable you to dispense with these clouds.

With these new intuitive powers, you are able to see so much further!

Greek Island of Lesbos

16th - 30th May

One or two weeks at the Sunrise Hotel near Molyvos. All rooms have balconies with magnificent panoramic views over the Adriatic coastline and craggy terrain covered with wild flowers. An unspoilt island where you can swim in the warm sparkling sea or dip in the nearby hot springs.

Beaconsfield Hall, Shipton-under-Wychwood

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th July

Two full days of yoga, pranayama meditation and relaxation. Looking at how asana practice affects attitudes.

A weekend or day of Yoga at Hawkwood, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Friday 25th - Sunday 27th September; Day Visitors welcome

This 19th-century listed building overlooks the Stroud Valley. It is set in wooded gardens in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The all organic cuisine is delicious. To enrol on this weekend please contact Hawkwood directly 01453 759034 It’s on our website too.

Have a peaceful and loving holy day.

Be Happy Now.

In the love of yoga.


Ruth White

Rest Harrow

Evenlode Road


Gloucestershire GL56 0NJ

01608 651 189

07587 140 032

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