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Newsletter - May 2019

Dear Friend,

The power of your attention is enormous.

Your full attention is the greatest present you can give anyone. Children blossom when given attention, they call for it. “watch me mummy, watch me” Your interest, your focused, your one-pointed attention brings life, light and energy to the subject. In fact, it does not exist without your attention.

My experience is that our attention goes to the unusual, the out of place, the fault. If all is well and familiar, we can go to sleep.

When meeting a challenge we can go 2 ways: 1) Give it your attention and face the problem; 2) Turn away and withdraw your attention

I was going to see my bees in the Apiary in Ewell. There was a padlock on the 5-bar wooden gate blocking the road, so I got my bee equipment out of the car, net, smoker, trousers, jacket, gloves, boots – the lot. It was a hot day and the honey flow had been on, so I anticipated lifted a 30/40lb super back over the gate. I felt tired at the thought and I mounted the gate and was congratulating myself until I looked back…… there was no fence attached to the gate – the way was clear to walk around the side. I create this “difficult” situation my mind was focused on the imagined problem. All my attention was on the problem, the problem was all I saw.

Do we like to make up stories and imagine difficulties? Are there any so called “difficulties” if we accept things are, they are? Ask yourself now, are there any problems in this present moment right now?

You create your own world, you can either create fear – thoughts in your head and suffer or come into the present moment out of the thoughts and simply accept what it is.

All our difficulties are in the head in our thinking. There are no problems in the light of this present moment.

So please give full attention to your strength, feel the harmony and stability, the life force in your body.

You are alive!

It's not what you think, you are what you think.

I would also like to warmly welcome you to our next UK based residential at Asthall Manor on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of July 2019. Asthall Manor is the most beautiful place and stands in wonderful gardens in the heart of the Cotswold countryside. The Ballroom is light, spacious and has the most beautiful carved ceiling decorated with cornice and rose - wonderful to observe in shoulder balance! I have attached additional information should you require it.

Lastly, I would like to bring your attention to an event at Hawkswood on Monday 6th May, I have attached a flyer for your information. It is a lovely family friendly event with great food and activities for the children. I will be hosting a class there from mid-day, it would be wonderful to see some familiar faces if you care for a nice day out!

With love, Ruth


Ruth White

Rest Harrow

Evenlode Road


Gloucestershire GL56 0NJ

01608 651 189

07587 140 032

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