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Newsletter - February 2019

Dear Friend,

"Be Kind To Yourself"

We love to blame the outside world for our inward condition. i.e. “who has taken my door key I left it on the table” Is this because we are afraid to look inwards at our attitude? One student said she was afraid to get on her mat she was not at all happy about the way she felt, her mind set. Personal practice is an introvert practice not an escape and if we look behind the storm of thoughts judgments and prejudices there is a peaceful, loving, calm. We need to see that all these thoughts passing through our minds are just not true. To see this is enough, we don’t have to fight them or get rid of them or even criticize ourselves, just see them for what they are stuff and nonsense. “We are such stuff, As dreams are made on” Shakespeare was allowing us to see this.

What if we keep making excuses for ourselves and blaming others for our thoughts, moods and actions? Do we start to believe that this “stuff” about ourselves is true? Do we really think we are the dreams we made up?

We are so fortunate to have a practice and know how to come back to our natural state where the mind quietens down, and we can then experience true peace of mind. We can choose between God or ‘Mammon’, and we do create our own lives!

Remember, breathe deeply throughout your practice your asana practice should be steady and comfortable, pay attention to your jaw is it relaxed is your inner landscape relaxed? (Patanjali Sutra 46 page 152) listen to your body, not your ego, be kind to yourself.



If you haven’t already and would like more insights into the the Truth of Yoga and choosing to practice, obtain your copy of Ruth’s book PRESENCE the Truth of Yoga, here is the link (special Christmas price extended)

  • Many of you have expressed your desire to come to Our Day of Yoga 2nd February 2019, Beaconsfield Hall but have yet confirm your space or pay your fee, so we can sort out catering for the day, could I ask you to let the office know, Many Thanks.

  • Yoga Days and Retreats offer us that time and space to connect with like-minded companions, recharge mind, body and spirit.

  • Remember, travel kindly, allow plenty of time for journeys and give yourself headspace. Set your Intention, spend time thinking about what you would like to get out of the Yoga Day, what do you want to work on with your practice, is there anything you want to relinquish from your life? Are you constantly striving for “control” do you need to trust and let go? Maybe you want to sleep better, or just perhaps reconnect? Now, expect that change on your arrival, the mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs for example you can’t be tired and wide awake you can’t be miserable and elated so when you set your intention expect it! The most important journey we can make is to our own internal landscape. Breath well and I look forward to seeing you all soon!

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