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Newsletter - October 2018

You may be feeling the effects of the equinox which was last Sunday the 23rd. The two equinox every year are when day and night-time are of equal length 12 hours each. The sun and the moon have strong and different influences on the body. These influences allow intercellular movement/absorption and elimination, to take place between the cells. When the day and night are of equal length the body has a greater chance to eliminate toxins. Added to which there was a full harvest moon soon after which also hastens elimination. The effects when the toxins are released could be sneezing and wheezes, join aches and stiffness you could even have a temperature. All these effects are signs that your body is strong enough to cleanse and throw out the rubbish. The body is working overtime when your temperature goes up so it’s more of a celebration than a downer. Drinking lots of spring water, keep the diet light, rest well and keep up your practise including your pranayama and twists.

We went teaching on the Isle of Mann last weekend; Friday yoga and Saturday and Sunday with our fellow Ishaya Monks meditating ascending and sharing philosophy. Satta Ishaya Narain’s wife who was leading the day suggested we “drop our story” I found it most helpful just simply coming back into the present moment out of the head stuff and all is well no “buts” or “ifs” we only suffer from the stories we make up in our heads.

Stories are in the past or future so come back into the light of the present moment.

Satta and Narain Ishaya (Hopefully both) are joining us on our Greek Island retreat at the end of May.

Come and join us in the peace and tranquility of Park Place 25th – 30th October. Sam Rao will be giving a practical anatomy talk on Saturday afternoon and there will be a first aid course on the Monday afternoon. There are a few places left let us know soon please.

Breath well.

In the love of yoga


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