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Newsletter - January 2018

Dear One

Term started this week and the classes were well attended. Folks I had not seen for a while came and there were new faces, no beginners. It seems that the standard and understanding both physically and philosophically has risen.

How is your practice going? It’s good to think about what you really want in life, what is your greatest priority? What do you want more than anything else? We all want to be happy and might consider that we can attain this by finding some activity or goods that facilitate this in the material world. Try asking your Higher Self what would bring you happiness. The answer could be helping a needy friend, or some act or word of kindness which can be uplifting for you and the recipient. We will never find lasting happiness in the material, transient world.

Classes are growing, there is a need for more good yoga teachers. As the classes expand there is a greater demand for yoga teachers, teachers that have learnt to understand the spiritual needs of the students. I feel happy and confident that I have left my classes in good hands and that my students will be taught well when I need to delegate. Do you have any students that love their yoga so much that they want to pass it on and teach? It is helpful to have a stand in teacher and to know that when you leave your students in their hands all will be well. As you know there will be special classes for Trainee Teachers on our residentials.

The next ‘Day in Yoga’ is on 3rd February. Please let Kate in our new office know if you would like to come.

Are you coming to the Greek island of Lesbos in June? Check out local flights now as prices go up nearer the time. There are 18 people already booked on but there are a few places left.

The Sacrum is like the keystone in a Roman arch. The last triangular shaped stone that holds the whole arch up. This triangular shaped sacrum consists of 5 fused vertebrae. Because of strain or injury, it may not sit squarely in the Iliac (hipbones) and this un-sets the balance of the spine. The link point with the sacrum is the neck i.e. if you work on strengthening the sacrum you will be working to free the neck. As many of us have neck aches I will explain more next time we meet. I have found it most helpful to relieve my neck pain and include these postures in any practice. To strengthen the sacrum please practice – look these up in Light on Yoga. In all your postures, keep the back leg straight, or in sitting postures the straight leg. This will protect your sacrum.

  1. Ardha Chandrasana – p74 Light on Yoga

  2. Salabhasana – p99 Light on Yoga

  3. Antanasana – p246 Light on Yoga

“Don’t do something, just sit there”

Sylvia Boorstein

Breathe well


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