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Newsletter March 2017

I have had more response from the last newsletter with the article on The Power of Love supposedly by Albert Einstein than I ever had in 25 years of newsletters. I am glad it went to your heart – mine too. Actually the Albert Einstein Museum have no record of this amongst his letters. But it matters not who wrote it, it’s the effect that matters.

It’s the equinox today, the 20th March and the body, quite naturally wants to throw off any winter sloth. We can aid this elimination of toxins by practicing: twists, back arching, inverted postures and pranayama. Regular practice together with lightening your diet and good sleep will all help to cleanse the body. When you do this it has a cleansing and quietening effect on the mind too. Most often the human brain is wired to be negative, working for survival but we can re-wire and this can be done by giving your attention to the pleasures in life (not the negatives) such as biting into a ripe fruit, stop still for a moment and gaze into the golden trumpet of a daffodil or a person’s eyes. The Ishaya Monks base their teachings on praise, gratitude and love. I have seen how with this re-wiring there is a change of attitude.

There is still some availability for the forthcoming yoga weekend in the Ballroom at Asthall manor on 1st & 2nd April. ​Asthall Manor was built in the 17th Century and stands in palatial gardens in the heart of the Cotswold countryside. The Ballroom is light and spacious with a heated oak floor. A buffet lunch is included. Please let us know if you are coming and whether you would like a bed for Saturday night. More details including the programme of events can be found on the Events and Residentials page.

About our holiday in Peru, chosen because it is the home of the Shamen. There is plenty of sun and unspoilt beaches, fresh tropical food and lots of other activities. We stay in Samana Chakra. It would suit some of you better to go for the last two weeks in November. Please let us know if you would like to join us. There are 12 places available so the first to send a deposit will be booked in. Please see more details on the Events and Residentials page

Love as ever


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