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Newsletter November 2016

Hello dear ones from Down Under

What makes the obvious difference? Is it the blue sky, the ocean, the bare feet, the sunshine, the space, the colour, the wildlife and the bird song? There’s more than one flowering season here and everything seems to grow much faster. The oak trees grow two and a half times as fast as ours. Most folks are super fit. They exercise before work in the cool of the early morning and the ocean-side walks and beaches are full of fast walkers, runners, skaters and cyclists. No one seems to be old or lame. I took a private class this morning; two ladies in their 80s and one in her 40s. I taught cautiously at first but found they were quite capable of holding a standing posture for a good 1½ minutes each side. The 83 year old had been a dancer – it is a pleasure to teach someone who knows how to move their inner body and balance their centre.

For a Pommie like me from the centre of England being near the ocean here in Perth WA is a wonderful experience. The blue sky and wide horizons and space all lift your spirits.

I really look forward to seeing you in class on Monday 12th December and Wednesday 14th December and also for the Two Days in Yoga at Asthall Manor on 14th & 15th January.

Exciting news – we are to have a yoga retreat in Peru next year around the end of October and beginning of November. The centre we have chosen is perfect for yoga and reports are that they’ll look after us extremely well. Have a look at their website

Breathe well in your practice, without your yoga breathing your practices would not be yoga. Pranayama is not only energising but it increases the circulation of blood and keeps your temperature balanced. If you feel cold it’s good to remember that your internal temperature does not vary more than half a degree – unless you have hypothermia or a fever. Ujjayi Pranayama is also warming and stimulating.

Love to you all


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