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Newsletter March 2016

Dear One

With spring approaching, our body rhythms change. It’s a great time for the liver to cleanse; when the body is healthy enough elimination begins. You might experience sneezes and wheezes and even flu symptoms with a temperature. It’s not a bad sign as it shows your body has enough energy and strengths to eliminate toxins. So if you experience pain in the joints or organs it’s not always a bad sign.

It’s a bit like opening a door that has gone rusty at the hinges. When you move it, it creaks and groans as some of the rust falls off! Best medicine is rest, drink filtered or spring water, avoid mucus forming foods ie all gluten, dairy, carbs, caffeine and alcohol. All bitter foods such as the stalk at the heart of a lettuce or chicory are good for liver detoxing. Veggie or chicken soups are delicious and try to avoid red meats. Floradix is a helpful herbal tonic. It’s good to remember “you’re not your body” and stand back and watch

Twists have a cleansing effect on the Liver and the Kidneys. Practice standing and sitting twists and for the advanced Pariva Halasana: Pg 223 in Light on Yoga. It is important to keep the spine extended when twisting so great care in inverted twists to keep the hips the same height.

I am glad many of you have booked for our day on 20th March at Asthall Manor and I am looking forward to seeing you. Our weekend at Colet House on 23rd & 24th April has had to be changed and we have re-arranged it for 9th & 10th April (details attached). If you would like to book a place please let us know as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to save some holiday for Park Place in August, and take advantage of the early booking discount.

Breathe well

Love as ever


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