November 29, 2018

Hello Friend,

What is your body shape depicting right now?  Are you feeling lifted or experiencing a downer? Your shape and gestures are most informative as to your state of mind.

What are you communicating not only to others but to yourself?  Straighten up! Does this ef...

November 28, 2018

I hope that you have a peaceful and restful Christmas holiday, this practice might help!

Keep Calm and Breath! 

Sit on the floor or on a chair for 10 minutes with your eyes shut and back straight.  Exhale first take a deep, slow breath in, and observe what your body does...

October 1, 2018

You may be feeling the effects of the equinox which was last Sunday the 23rd.  The two equinox every year are when day and night-time are of equal length 12 hours each.  The sun and the moon have strong and different influences on the body.  These influences allow inte...

July 3, 2018

Dear Friend

If you look up into the sky (collar bones up first) on Friday night you could see a blood red moon; the total eclipse of the moon occurs at 9.00 pm when it passes through the shadow cast by the earth as they line up with the sun.  A once in a lifetime sight,...

June 3, 2018

Dear Friend

We had a wonderful week of yoga in the Greek Island of Lesbos.  The Sunrise Hotel, overlooking the Aegean Sea, offered panoramic views from every room and we could see the craggy flower covered terrain and coves for swimming and sunbathing.  The hotel provid...

May 3, 2018

It’s only an idea

Dear One

In April we visited Narain Ishaya on the Isle of Man.  He was giving a weekend retreat there.  I was to teach yoga on the Friday.  In my class Jill related that both her parents had broken their backs and that she had grown up with the idea tha...

March 3, 2018

Dear One,

Iyengar used to say “why would you take drugs, when you have natural ones?” – snow, rain, wind, frost and sun.

It has now been snowing all night and as we have replaced the hedge at the bottom of our garden with a two rail wooden fence we now have extensive vie...

February 4, 2018

NEWSLETTER – February 2018

On Sunday the 25th February I will be holding a yoga day from 10.00-3.30 at the Study Society, Colet House, 151 Talgarth Road, W14 9DA.  I hope you can come.  It is more on the meditation and philosophical talks side of yoga.  I will be presen...

January 15, 2018

Dear One

Term started this week and the classes were well attended.  Folks I had not seen for a while came and there were new faces, no beginners.  It seems that the standard and understanding both physically and philosophically has risen. 

How is your practice...

December 15, 2017

Peace and Joy to you all

Family and friends come first but you will have even more friends if you remember your yoga practice

Peace & joy

Looking forward to seeing you again


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